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Americana & Original Devotional Music

I Hear Voices!

I Hear Voices CD $14.95

I Hear Voices! is a unique vocal quartet that performs and records with only a rhythm guitar, no other instrumental presence.†The†material includes traditional folk spirituals as well as contemporary compositions. Bobby Kimmel (Center), Kathy Harris (Left), Bobby Ronstadt (Top),  Suzy Ronstadt (Right) (Read More or purchase)

See LA Times write-ups


I Hear Voices! with Strings $14.95

The unique vocal quartet is sweetened with lush musical accompaniment. The material includes traditional folk spirituals as well as original contemporary compositions. (Read More or purchase)



Here Comes the Band I Hear Voices!  $14.95

The 3rd CD from the Tucson vocal group. This CD demonstrates what happens when a band has a single idea about group identity, and works hard at it. You can tell it's the same 4 people who sang on the first CD, but clearly something has changed.  (Read More or purchase)



One Only One* CD $11.95

A collection of original religious music performed by the 1971 Menís Choir of the Vedanta Society of Southern California.
(Read More or purchase)


Glimpse of Reality Mary Beth Melton

Devotional songs by Mary Beth Melton are now available as single songs or as the entire album, Glimpse of Reality. Sample the album or purchase on Amazon, iTunes and other music download sites.

Tracks include her original compositions: Glimpse of Reality; She Is an Ocean; My Blue Jewel; Some Humbler Task; Hari; Love, Thou Art My God; Radha's Blues; Pure Pure Love for Thee; I Shall Sail Away; Only the Boy; 
Bridge of Dreams; Put Anklets on My Feet; Simple as My Master; I'm Calling You

Jayanti Ayana Colors

Devotional Songs by Jayanti Ayana Colors available for download on most major download sites. Available for listening as part of Amazon's Unlimited.

Sweet Refuge 
1 & 2

Dance of Joy, 
Journey of 
the Heart

Morning Wish
Revenge of Blind Joe Death: The John Fahey Tribute Album**** Various Artists including George Winston, Stefan Grossman, Henry Kaiser, Country Joe, Canned Fish & More

While this CD isn't available from mondayMEDIA, it was produced by Jon Monday. Many musicians lovingly contributed their time and talents to honor John Fahey. We link to Amazon where the album can be previewed, purchased, or downloaded.

Indo/Oklahoma Fusion from Frequency Glide

Burning Love**  CD $11.95
Mark A. Humphrey & Friends featuring Bikram Ghosh 
(Read More or Purchase


Calcutta to California** CD $11.95
2009 Grammy Nominee Debashish Bhattacharya,
Mark A. Humphrey,  Subhankar Banerjee, & More Friends
(Read More or Purchase)


Rays of Romance - Silver Dagger & Other Vehement Valentines** CD $11.95
Arup Chatterjee, Jennifer Howell, Chitravena Ravikiran, 
Amrita Banerji, & Mark A. Humphrey

Rays of Romance from 12th century India to Bo Diddley's passion
for Mona. (Read More or Purchase)


World Music

The Gyuto Multiphonic Choir

The first recording of its kind, this is Huston Smith's historic 1967 recording.

(Read More or Purchase or watch video of Huston Smith 
recounting how he firast encountered polyphonic chanting.)

Talofa: Music of Samoa - CD*** 

A 1976 cultural preservation project by the Samoan Department of Education recorded by Takoma Records (Read More or Purchase) 

World Music from Frequency Glide

Shuudungut's Road: Music of the Kyrgyz People of 
Central Asia
CD** $11.95
Various Artists

(Read More or Purchase)


Music DVDs culled from mondayMEDIA's

Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan**** - DVD
Bob Dylan, Aaron Neville, Shirley Caesar, Mighty Clouds of Joy
& More  Documentary/Music

This film is both terrific performance sequences (with a nifty feature
that let's you opt to interrupt the documentary and see the
performance whole) and a documentary that studies a largely
overlooked body of Dylan's work. For my part, I was attracted by the 
performances,  real Gospel artists realizing the songs in a  way that the 
songwriter is unable to. (Read More or Purchase)

I'm Your Man**** - DVD

This documentary that intercuts a very tasty tribute concert with interviews and biography of Cohen. The film features Rufus Wainwright, Anthony, Nick Cave, U2, Martha Wainwright, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Jarvis Crocker, Beth Ortin, Teddy Thompson, Linda Thompson, Perla Batalla, and more performing Cohen's songs.
 (Read More or Purchase)

RIZE**** - DVD

The critically acclaimed film Rize is a documentary by photographer
and music video director David LaChapelle. He became aware of the
dance style krump while filming a music video in Los Angeles, where
both clown dancing and krump, a demanding and inventive dance style 
that relies on spontaneity, improvisation, and genuineness of expression, 
were created. Many of the performers, Tommy the Clown, Miss Prissy, 
Tight Eyez, are well-known in the dance culture that encompasses krump, 
clown dancing, andother styles touched on in the film. Rize is a moving 
film that juxtaposes dance with fascinating personal stories. 
(Read More or Purchase)

Rejoice & Shout**** - DVD

REJOICE & SHOUT covers 200 years of musical history of African-American Christianity, featuring the legends of Gospel music, including The Staple Singers, The Clara Ward Singers, The Dixie Hummingbirds, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Culled from hundreds of hours of music, tracing the evolution of gospel music through its many styles the spirituals and early hymns, the four-part harmony-based quartets, the integration of blues and swing, the emergence of soul, and the blending of rap and hip-hop elements. It connects the history of African-American culture with gospel as it first impacted popular culture at large and captures so much of what is special about this music and African-American Christianity. 


* In conjunction with Vedanta Press
** Frequency Glide Productions
*** In conjunction with Benchmark Recordings
****Not produced by mondayMEDIA

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