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The mondayMEDIA Song of Autumn 2019
The Git Up


I should have posted this in July, but it was JUST...TOO...
HOT! HOT! HOT! - Buster Poindexter


The mondayMEDIA Song of Spring 2019
Haka Honoring Christchurch Mosque Shooting Victims



The mondayMEDIA Song of Winter 2018 Sing-along
Beethoven Ode to Joy from Symphony #9

The mondayMEDIA song of Autumn 2018
The Americans


The mondayMEDIA song of Summer 2018
LLorona preformed by Chavela Vargas
La Llorona is Mexican folk tale of a mother's spirit, grieving her lost children for eternity


The mondayMEDIA song of Spring 2018
Beethoven Symphony #6, 1st Movement



The mondayMEDIA Official Song of the Fall [pun intended] 2016


The mondayMEDIA Official Song of the Summer 2016



The mondayMedia Official Song of the 
Winter of Our Discontent 2016



The mondayMedia Official Song of Spring 2017

At first it seemed too easy, Springtime for Hitler. I was just waiting for it to be spring. But then that seemed too easy, too broad, elucidating nothing. The song really going through my head was Further Along (AKA Father Alone, long story).

UNFORTUNATELY, THIS VERSION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. It was difficult to come up with a clear version with video of the performance. We like this version (artists not attributed), although it leaves out important verses: "Tempted and tried we're oft made to wonder, Why it should be thus all the day long. While there are others living about us, Never molested though in the wrong...And then do we wonder why others prosper, Living so wicked year after year" etc.

The mondayMedia Official Song of Summer 2017

He Mele No Lilo, opening credits song for Lilo & Stitch, has what's great about summer: warm bodies of water, warm bodies in water, bare feet. Written and performed by Hawaiian chanter Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu with backup vocals by The Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus. English translation here:


The mondayMEDIA Official Song of Hurricane Season
Despacito, of course.  Puerto Rico's #1 Export of 2017.
 "Despacito" means slowly. We never took Trump to be bilingual.


The mondayMEDIA Official Protest Prayer of Fall 2017
Pink asks the musical question What about Us?