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Evil Empire
A Talk by Chalmers Johnson
as part of the release of his book Nemesis

MM4009-DVD $14.95 + Shipping & Handling (& Taxes in California)

Bill Moyers Honors Chalmers Johnson, saying of Nemesis "There's one book in particular I would put in everybody's stocking if I could. It's not new - it was actually published three years ago. But I read it again this month, and found its message more relevant than ever." (Watch the video or read the transcript.) 

"No one has exposed shortsightedness, hubris, corruption, and the instability of our country’s imperial overreach with such impassioned incisiveness."

—John W. Dower, Author of Embracing Defeat, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize


Here is a rare opportunity to see noted author Chalmers Johnson. Although many have read him, this is the only DVD of a complete Chalmers Johnson talk. Evil Empire was delivered to the Fallbrook Democratic Club in June of 2007 and was followed by a Q&A session that covered a wide range of topics.

Although the talk was given in 2007, as Bill Moyers said of Johnson's 2007 work  in December of 2009, "I read it [Nemesis] again this month, and found its message more relevant than ever." Johnson's overarching theme is that this wave of  American Imperialism has been forming since the aftermath of World War II and continues to subvert the Republic with growing momentum. Much of the talk is prophetic. The first section is the set speech that supports Nemesis followed by a lively Q&A that shows off both his erudition and humor. 

Chalmers Johnson is an author and professor emeritus of the University of California, San Diego. He has written numerous books including, most recently, three examinations of the consequences of American Empire. His book Blowback won a prize in 2001. Sorrows of Empire, 2004, updated the evidence and argument from Blowback for the post-9/11 environment; and Nemesis concludes the trilogy. His book MITI and the Japanese Miracle, on the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, was the preeminent study of the country’s development. Johnson was also featured in the Eugene Jarecki-directed film Why We Fight. No mere academician, Johnson served in the Korean War and was a consultant for the CIA from 1967–1973.

"Chalmers Johnson, a patriot who pulls no punches, has emerged as our most prescient critic of American empire and its pretensions."

—Andrew J. Bacevich, West Point Graduate, Retired Army Officer, and
author of The New American Militarism


Presented by the Fallbrook Democratic Club: www.FallbrookDemocraticClub.com


Extras include excerpts from 8-term US Representative Bob Filner, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and Democratic Party legend Midge Costanza, advisor to President Jimmy Carter, who both addressed the Club, as well as a brief sketch of the Fallbrook, the talk's location.

Running Time: 60 minutes
Special Thanks to Chalmers & Sheila Johnson and
the Board of the Fallbrook Democratic Club
Pictured: Chalmers Johnson & MOF (the cat) and  Sheila and Chalmers Johnson with members and associates of the Fallbrook Democratic Club