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Charles Bukowski

The all-inclusive 2-disc set One Tough Mother or the individual readings The Last Straw and There's Gonna Be a Goddamn Riot in Here

Hostage, the audio version of the poems in the DVD The Last Straw  is available as a download on most download portals. Click here for the Amazon link.






Huston Smith

A lively discussion: Huston Smith interviewed by Ken Dychtwald on the topic of life after 90, a unique perspective.

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Aldous Huxley

Knowledge & Understanding CD and Who Are We? CD, Lectures by Aldous Huxley

Huston Smith met Aldous Huxley very early in his career. Huxley served as a mentor for Smith, who is still very fond of the generous, charismatic, and gentle man he’s often described. In the mid-1950s, Aldous Huxley delivered these two lectures at the Hollywood Vedanta Temple. The lectures, as well as the Q&A session which followed Who Are We, were recorded and preserved by the Vedanta Archives and are offered as separate CD recordings (in conjunction with Vedanta Press) with the Q&A session divided between the two. Who Are We? cover drawing of Aldous Huxley courtesy of Don Bachardy.

See also Aldous Huxley: A Biography 
signed by the author, Dana Sawyer

Free Streaming: What a Piece of Work Is a Man, 
September 1961, M.I.T.

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 Chalmers Johnson 
The talk Evil Empire + Q&A 


Books by Jeffery Paine
First Edition Hard Covers signed by the author

About Father India: "I don't quite know how Jeffery Paine has done it - except by subtle and provocative genius - but FATHER INDIA is an utterly surprising and indispensable book ... Learned ... Lively ... It renders Jeffery Paine's vast knowledge intimately. FATHER INDIA is a splendid achievement." - Howard Norman, author of The Bird Artist

Collectible First Edition, Hard Cover $35.00


About Re-enchantment: Memorable anecdotes, great storytelling and keen observations mark this cogent exploration of the explosive growth of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. Paine offers chapters on many famous Tibetans, including the Dalai Lama (who, refreshingly, doesn't appear until nearly the end of the book), the pioneering Lama Yeshe, who first taught Westerners, and the controversial rogue playboy Chogyam Trungpa, Yeshe's character foil. Other chapters profile Westerners who discovered Tibetan Buddhism, like Tenzin Palmo (formerly a Cockney London girl named Diane Perry), who meditated alone for 12 years in an Indian cave and American lama Jetsunma (Catherine Burroughs), a much-married "tough bird from Brooklyn" who was the first Western woman to be recognized as a tulku (reincarnated Buddhist figure).  - Publishers Weekly



Aldous Huxley: A Biography
By Dana Sawyer

Reader Reviews

Laura Huxley herself said to Sawyer [paraphrased], "Out of all the biographies written about Aldous, this is the only one he would have actually liked." With emphasis on philosophical studies and works, it is the definitive source for understanding Huxley's influence and ideas.

I enjoyed the book. When I read it, I felt that the author was a close friend of Huxley's. If any reader plans on reading any books by Huxley, please read this informative, well-written biography first.

Paperback $19.95


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